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unit 4 - Incongruity inconsistent within itself d Ridicule...

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I. Symbols and symbolic actions - Identify what we hold dear - Identify enemies and what we detest and fear - Express ideas vividly - Pressure our adversaries and show defiance - Identify organizations and places - Shows status and organizational hierarchy 1. size and location of office 2. furniture types 3. size of desk and chair 4. appointments such as carpeting, wallpaper, draperies 5. pictures 6. private secretary 7. gate keeper 8. executive washroom or private washroom 9. parking space 10. Limo or make and size of auto HUMOR I. Characteristics of humor a. Caricature: exaggeration or distortion of parts or characteristics b. Exaggeration: to enlarge or overstate beyond the normal
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Unformatted text preview: Incongruity: inconsistent within itself d. Ridicule: to mock or make fun of e. Pun: Play on words II. Rules for using humor a. Must be appropriate for i. Audience: gender, age, race, ethnic group A. Must fit the message a. It has to fit the message. And it has to be relevant b. Enhance but not overwhelm the message. Stroh’s beer did not connect alex the dog. c. Should be integrated into the substance of the message rather than stand alone. d. Must be of high quality i. Good taste ii. Natural and spontaneous (not contrived or scripted) iii. Fresh or new iv. Presented effectively v. Must have an element of truth...
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