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Scholarship Scams - Scholarship Scams Project#2 Math 1012...

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Scholarship Scams Project #2 Math 1012 Section 012 Fall 2007 College is the highest learning institution for many people in this day and age.
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Unfortunately, the universities know this fact to and they will make you pay for this higher education. The average costs for college right now are $23,712 (up 6.3% from last year) for a private school and $6,185 (up 6.8% from last year) (College Board, 2007). With the acknowledgement by universities and the rising costs college just seems to be out of reach for some people. This is where scholarships come in. This too is where scholarship scams come into play. There are many hopeful kids and parents praying that their son or daughter will get accepted to college and many aren’t financially prepared to deal with this. When the acceptance comes the kids are so excited and parents do not want to turn their kids down for financial reasons so the family starts to hunt for a scholarship to help them through the tuition. In this hunt there are many scams that can easily trick people into them and make their college dreams just that much harder to achieve. One scam, called scholarships that
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