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9.30.06 II. Perception theories : our perceptions are based on messages received and internal needs and values. A. Self-perception : how we view ourselves and explain our acts. B. Source-perception : how we view others C. Attribution theory : how we assign causation or motivation to acts of others. D. World -view theory: how we view and explain the world a. the world of the pessimist and the optimist b. the world as a jungle/paradise c. the world as learned III. Social-judgment theory
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Unformatted text preview: : on a range of options for acting or believing, receivers have preferred or anchor positions (Woodward & Denton, pg. 151-153)-problems with reliance on determiners: * Receivers may stake out the center and be committed to it * Receivers may be driven to the center * Receivers may see the world as highly polarized IV. Identification Theory : We persuade by identifying with our audience in significant ways. A. Identification in an overt manner B....
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