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Review Sheet for Exam 3 COM318 (Fall 2006) Lecture Evidence Basic types of evidence Six specific types of evidence and sub examples (examples, stories, statistics, testimony, comparisons and constrasts, definitions) Evidence effectiveness Confounding problems with evidence Seven tests of evidence Structure Five interrelated conditions essential for persuasion Monroe’s Motivated Sequence o Steps o Functions Structural Strategies Reasoning and Argument What *must* an argument include? What *may* an argument include? Inductive argument patterns and specific types (i.e. generalization, cause-effect, etc.). Deductive argument patterns and specific types Warnings about inductive and deductive patterns (BEWARE) Text Chapter 4 Understanding Practical Arguments (p. 87) Demonstration and Arguments (p.90-91) Factual and Judgmental Claims (p. 91-92)
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Unformatted text preview: • A False Distinction (p.95-96) • Fallacies (p.96-100) • Persuasion's Self-Interest and Argument's Public Interest (p.101-103) Chapter 13 Strategic Considerations of set messages o How to begin (pp. 370-371) o Constructing the thesis (p. 372) o Developing main points (p. 372-373) o Writing the introduction (pp. 376-378) o Preparing the outline (p. 379) Strategic Considerations for discursive messages o Carl Hovland experiment (p. 384) o How to use persuasive language (pp. 384-386) Strategic considerations for discursive messages o When to reveal the thesis (383) o Whether to recognize opposing views (384) Strategic considerations for nondiscursive persuasion o The visual image (388-389) o Honoring Gestalt values (389-390) o Keeping the message simple and thematically consistent (392)...
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StudyGuideExam3 - • A False Distinction(p.95-96 •...

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