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1.15.08 – Ink Pen Ads Bleeds: Ads that do not have a border and run off the page. Fountain Pen Ad: Mount Blanc - no people - does not explain what it does - “the art of writing” - Sells the steak, not the sizzle Waterman Pen Ad - 3 section page, bleed format - Picture of a gentleman on the top - “copy” is the printed part of the ad. (text) - Picture of the product. - This ad sells the sizzle, not the steak - I’m second, I’m second. . the brutal honesty shows that if he was honest about
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Unformatted text preview: that, then hell be honest about the pen and being first. Waterman Pen Ad-3 section-He made all the wrong decisions, except buying the waterman. European Personal Ads: do not describe such as they do in the us ads. They say overweight, unemployed to display their sense of humor. Baileys Liquor Ad-baileys brings you closer-close group-whit suburban group Hennessey-the civilized was to unwrap...
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