2-19 - 3-20 - exam 2 notes - com256 robb sp08

2-19 - 3-20 - exam 2 notes - com256 robb sp08 - 2-19-08War...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-19-08War Time Advertising•Women entered market place•Advertising can be used to solve problems oNew Haven RR ad during WWI Commuter RR received complaints about service •Ned/Nick Doyle à hired advertiser for RR oThe Kid in Upper 4 Try to represent rocking of trainCopy “text” in black and white on gray scale picture •Used to convey emotionTell story to make public understand that the train company is struggling because of warUses emotional appealoEarned Presidential Freedom Award•Advertising became institutional rather than consumer-related•1948 --> 17 TV stations in U.S.•TV would be funded by ads•17 stations à East Coast & Chicago•1951 --> 57 TV stations oEconomy boomed à baby boom People came home, got married & needed stuffNew products appearedoAdvertising boomedoPeople wanted washers & dryers Laundry detergent invented •Don’t sudsoTV dinners & fast food newoTV ads were liveoTV broadcasts 4pm – 10 or 11pmo12-TV with 1 station --> $700 in 1948oTV from local to national medium Coaxial cable TV shows could be transmitted from coast-to-coastoI Love Lucy 1stfilmed (not live) programoVariety Programs Paved way for TVoMilton Bureau (sp?) à Host Texaco star theater --> entertainment showoEd Sullivan Show --> entertainment show à 25 years Sponsored by MercuryA lot of singers/celebrities/acts •“Peg-Leg Dates” --> guy danced with a peg leg2-21-08NEED NOTES2-26-08•TV came after WWII oFirst complete ad Color, sound, picture, motion visual-only commercial•Good visual-only commercial oCheer Detergent --> No speech from character Man with mustache, tux, top-hat walks into a room with handkerchief, ice water, cocktail shaker & all-temp Cheer detergent•Stain Master commercial oEx: of “end-product advertising”oRan an ad that was nonverbaloChild in high-chair & mother about to feed kid --> kid knocks bowl out of her hand & food flies everywhere --> then show company’s name•Commercials are rhetorical --> meaning they have a purpose•Commercials --> short & small pictures (TV) oRely on moods & close-ups (pores)oAd directors can’t let audience come to own conclusions à tell them, be specific, little to interpretoHave to compete for viewers’ attention Gaining attention is 1ststep in persuasive processNeed to give compelling reason to watch ad •Reach -•Frequency -•Continuity –oCommercials direct themselves to selected audiences•TV ads have to overcome 2 handicaps oHostility towards ads à they interruptoAds intrude on shows...
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2-19 - 3-20 - exam 2 notes - com256 robb sp08 - 2-19-08War...

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