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COM notes - 1 Newton Minnow Chairman of FCC Greshams...

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1 8/21/07 Newton Minnow: Chairman of FCC Gresham’s law (how cheaply can an audience be rounded up?) 4 kinds of measured media: -Two print (newspapers) -magazines -radio -television CPM=cost per thousand 2.4 mil= 30 sec. Super Bowl *Only 41 super bowls, because of the rise of television *Used to be all 3 networks covered Super Bowl, now only 1 does After WWII, television began in the U.S. Until 1948, political candidates went across U.S. by train Prior to 1955, no interstate highways (national speed limit was 35 mpg) o TV= time based o Magazine= space based 1887- Ivory Soap (first product sold under a brand name) 1915- Telephone call (1 st being long distance) 1960- More people crossed the Atlantic by ship then plane. 8/28/07 *Toothpaste- positioning; something to distinguish the product Stages of Advertising: 1. Pioneering Stage 2. Competitive Stage 3. Retentive? Stage Chairman of Sony- Ekio Marito was a man who had several great passions; one of which was classical music and golf. Had own personal golf course at Sony headquarters and used to play classical music over the loud speakers and someone asked him to turn it down and went to people in the company and asked to listen to music without disturbing others; and headphones/walkman were then sold to the public. Began selling the walkman first in Europe. Explained how the product would not disturb people and other companies like Panasonic, Samsung, etc. came out with products like those. This brings us to the competitive stage. “Ours has….is waterproof, etc.” After a time, the company decides there isn’t enough business so drop out and becomes the retentive stage. Now is brand advertising.
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2 After this stage…advertise “NEW” and “IMPROVED” so now this becomes a new pioneering stage and then becomes competitive again and the stages start over again. A. Is the advertising after the stage of product development? B. Category Killer: within the category, the killer is the one that is most advertised and has the highest recognition. Ex: ipod “Bathroom tissue”- what can you say about that product? *Charmin- its so soft everyone wants to squeeze the Charmin. Made this into a multi-million dollar category. In advertising: Want to target heave/frequent users. *Shampoo: Rinse. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Why repeat? You use twice as much. *#1 selling fruit in the U.S. is bananas. In the 30s the dominant media in the country was radio. The united fruit company came up with Chiquita banana who would be the spokesperson who introduced bananas with a jingle that was played on the radio for 15- 30 seconds. Purpose of advertising is to persuade. If coke said they would sell 6 0z bottles, pepsi said they would sell 12 oz bottles. Why do they do different versions of the product? Diet, caf free, cherry, vanilla, etc.= in order to extend the brand.
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