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3201 Notes Feb 25 - Vector Magnitude screen direction and...

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Graphic Mass or Weight: How is the frame structured? Screen center: the most stable, powerful position. Can also be boring. Off center: not quite in the middle of the screen. Off center: converging vectors: when something was centered but moved to another object and created an off center feel Counterweighting: Balancing out the scene. Often used in the news. Graphic Mass: What’s the big thing in the picture, what seems to have weight. Graphic Mass Factors: dimensions, shape, orientation, location, color, Framing: Noseroom: index vector. Leadroom: motion vector
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Unformatted text preview: Vector Magnitude, screen direction and mass Balance in the frame: not looking for static balance(exact same on both side of scene). Dynamic Balance: Graphic elements are asymmetrically distributed Golden section horizontal: what’s in the picture in the main part of the picture. Golden section vertical: whats the main part of the picture Rule of Thirds: Graphic Cues Natural Dividing Lines: Ankles, knees, waist, elbows, chest, shoulders, mouth, nose, eyes. Always cut above or below these lines this seems more natural....
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