paper3 - Cory Paper #3 Eng 201 Meaning can transcend time....

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Cory Paper #3 Eng 201 Meaning can transcend time. Changes in values and mindset can cause changes in the subject matter. However the underlying meanings behind those subjects stay static. The bond between mother and child can never be broken, yet when we look at modern western culture, we can see a shift in the ideals that we have come to know as normality. It seems as if what we once knew, the matriarchal home, might not be as common as it once was. Art tends to act as a timeline, showing the evolution of society captured piece by piece. Two pictures that are hundreds of years apart can convey two different ideas. Although, the meaning behind those pieces of art can be one in the same. Artist Joos van Cleve’s painting of virgin and child in 1525 shows the classical ideal of a mother and her child. The picture is indicative of the cultural norms of the time period. It represents the bond between mother and child. We see the mother caring for her child. Or at least that’s what’s to be assumed as we the viewers look at the picture. When looking critically at the portrait one might notice that the woman is not looking directly at the viewer. Women of that time period were not equal to men, with men probably being the primary viewers; this woman is probably not looking at the viewer out of respect. We also see that the woman seems to be in a position to feed. She also seems to be reading her child a story.
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paper3 - Cory Paper #3 Eng 201 Meaning can transcend time....

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