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Cory ENG 201 E1 RR 3 “Self-Reliance” Quote Response “In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” (259 line 11) I think what Emerson is trying to vocalize with this quote is that feeling of “hey! I could have done that.” The word he uses is ‘genius’ however I feel like it doesn’t have to be to that extreme. I think that ‘genius’ is somewhat relative to the individual recognizing their own thoughts. We’ve all been alone at some point in our lives to tend to our thoughts and in doing so we usually end up stumbling upon some thought that we think is either too crazy or would never work and pass it off as boredom. Emerson has put this well because I think that as individuals (which is what we are before anything else), when we see something that is applicable we tend to see a blend of our own thoughts on the subject with what was intended by the proprietor. And it’s this blend that I think proves the second half of the quote. You can recognize your own ‘genius’ thoughts in someone’s work yet it has an alienated majesty because it’s not yours. Also, Emerson’s idea of “self-reliance” is echoed by this quote in that we have a way about us that searches for a little bit of ourselves in everything we take in. overall this quote is complex yet it contains somewhat of a “no duh” mentality. “Every decent and well-spoken individual affects and sways me more than is right.” (262 line 8) More often than not this quote is a rather spot- on personal assessment. Yet it could be quite argumentative if taken a different way. First, spot on in the sense that many times I feel like
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RR3 - Cory ENG 201 E1 RR 3 Self-Reliance Quote In every...

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