RR5 - Cory ENG 201 E1 RR 5 just walk on by and the ethics...

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Cory ENG 201 E1 RR 5 “just walk on by” and “the ethics of living jim crowe” Quote Response “I understand, of course, that the danger they perceive is not a hallucination.” (page 285) I think this is a great quote to start off with. It’s not so much an extremely deep quote, but more one that seemed to grab my attention. I found myself thinking about this quote throughout the rest of Staples essay on intimidation. Of course we have to look at the quote as Staples meant it. What he’s saying here is very straight forward. Nine times out of ten the danger everyday people perceive isn’t truly a threat but actually an instinctive reaction based out of fear and usually ignorance in this instance. In this context he’s talking about everyday society and their stereotypical fear towards African- Americans. I’m pretty sure that everyone has faced this situation at least once and can relate well. Whether you put your wallet in your front pocket on the subway or crossed the street late at night when you saw someone coming. I think what Staples is addressing, or whom rather, are those people who have been followed by a store owner while shopping for cloths and the people who are just going home after a long day at the office and have to deal with the concerned faces on their walk home. As if they were any different than those being
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RR5 - Cory ENG 201 E1 RR 5 just walk on by and the ethics...

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