RR 7 - Name Cory Class Eng201 E1 RR#7 Notes on Dave Barry...

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Name Cory Class Eng201 E1 RR #7 Notes on Dave Barry: This was probably the most interesting reading we have done yet in my opinion. I found myself sort of disappointed when I was done reading it. However it wasn’t because I agreed with him, quite the opposite really, I didn’t agree with one thing he said. I related to some of his examples, but when it came down to his sweeping generalizations I found myself at a loss for words. I couldn’t really find a good example but I wanted to make a point of criticizing the approach he took when writing this; Humor, I think, is what makes this easy to read. To a “man” or “guy”, reading this would be funny, ridiculous, but funny none the less. Aside from that though, the guy wouldn’t think twice about the falseness of the article, and then just toss it out. My problem with that is the reinforcement of stereotypes in a positive manner. I say this because when you present negative ideas in a humorous way it leads your audience to associate those negative ideas (super stereotypical male behavior in this case) with a positive attitude. People are more willing to accept something if you present it with humor, and if people can accept it they will perpetuate it. Personally I don’t want women or respectable people thinking that I’m a shallow scumbag that cheats on his girlfriend and holds regular peeing contests, because that IS NOT me. And with regards to the RR for this week, I only used 3 quotes because they were short readings and I had a hard time finding anything that was really meaningful. Nuff Said. On to the responses. Quote Response Men itself is a serious word, not to mention manhood and manly . Such words make being male sound like a very important activity, as opposed to what it primarily consists of, namely, possessing a set of minor and frequently unreliable organs.” (402) Let me first say that I find Barry’s definition of men a little confusing. He starts with this statement in the beginning of the essay and goes on to explain that
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RR 7 - Name Cory Class Eng201 E1 RR#7 Notes on Dave Barry...

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