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Henry Wong Paper - impression that grading on a curve was...

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Cory LAI 350F Henry Wong Paper After reading Henry Wong’s newspaper I’ve definitely learned a few new things as well as expanded on what I’ve already been introduced to. I think those who would most benefit from his articles are new or aspiring teachers. The articles provide helpful information that every teacher should at least know or consider before entering the classroom. The first article I found interesting was why you should only have three to five rules in the classroom, even thought you may need more than five rules. One of his suggestions if the need arises to have a new rule is to replace one of the existing rules the students have already learned. I thought this was smart because it keeps to the three to five rule guideline but allows for new rules to be added by making an old rule an “unwritten” one. I also found the grading article helpful when reading the paper. I was under the
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Unformatted text preview: impression that grading on a curve was simply another method of grading, after reading the article I was surprised to find that the curve really hurts the students. By ranking the students a teacher isn’t measuring achievement, it’s merely assigning them a grade. An effective teacher would assess the students based on criteria they are working towards. Though it didn’t have a lot to do with teaching strategies, I thought the article on the future of jobs in education quite informative. The fact that so many teachers leave the profession was surprising. What were more surprising were the points that Dr. Wong suggests to avoid this. They sort of imply that being an effective teacher is really up to that teacher; even though it’s a difficult profession each teacher has the ability to be a successful....
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Henry Wong Paper - impression that grading on a curve was...

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