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Cory LAI 350 F Article #1 “Passion” Robert Fried’s article on passionate teaching was an interesting read. It had a very straight to the point message and he conveyed it well. I suppose it’s hard to disagree with him. I think passion is something that can, and should be applied to everything, not just teaching. To lack passion, in my opinion is a waste of life. Why wouldn’t any teacher have passion? I don’t really see why they would be drawn to the profession if not for passion. It’s certainly not the money, and it’s definitely not an easy job. Apathy just doesn’t sound like a very good prerequisite for someone who wants to teach and even though I totally agree, I think in a sense Mr. Fried is simply pointing out the obvious. (1) In the 16 years I’ve been going to school I can surely come up with some teachers who I would consider to have been the best. Passionate would definitely be the word to describe them. All
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