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Cory LAI 350 F Article #2 “Vouchers” According to Mr. Timothy McDonald, the idea of school vouchers for those in underprivileged school districts is significantly flawed. He believes that vouchers do not improve individual achievement, they hurt public schools, and they exclude disabled and special needs students while benefiting students who may not need them. He also believes that voucher schools lack accountability to the public which many public schools are trying hard to strengthen. I think that his strongest arguments are those that show the uncontrollability of these vouchers. For example, in Ohio a study found that one in three students participating in the voucher program were already enrolled in a private school. If these vouchers are designed for underprivileged students it would only make sense that a student whose parents could afford private school isn’t exactly underprivileged. Also, I personally feel that the money going to these vouchers could and
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