article #6 - Cory LAI 350F Article#6 “Discipline” I...

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Unformatted text preview: Cory LAI 350F Article #6 “Discipline” I really enjoyed reading this article. It was funny but it got the point across. Discipline problems are a result of teacher, not the student. It makes perfect sense, discipline problems are inevitable and if a teacher is responsible for the positive results of the classroom they must then be responsible for the negative. I think the authors of this article have provided a good stencil for teachers to control negative behavior in the classroom while not hindering the positive performance they strive for. Of the “ten simple rules” outlined in the beginning of the article, I think the last one; “maintain personal distance from students” is the one I’ve most noticed in schools today. It seems to me that as one progresses in school they are subjected to an ever expanding sense of impersonality. I’m sure this is probably due to the fact that as we grow up we become more independent and teachers become less our friends and more our instructors. Maybe this is the most effective way to teach but I think that the larger the social gap between instructors....
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article #6 - Cory LAI 350F Article#6 “Discipline” I...

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