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BCOR 4000 Jan. 28 th 2008 Think Piece #1 A simple definition of utilitarianism is that it does the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people. Using this ethical framework as a deciding factor on the issues represented by ACLU in their Even Bigger, Even Weaker article one can begin to see that the Utilitarianism theory can be used to examine and defend the Mass surveillance data mining, Illegal domestic mass spying, industrial surveillance and the video surveillance issues that the ACLU criticizes and see that the government is justified in doing what they are currently engaged in. \The issues and claims that ACLU raises must be sifted through so that only the facts stand out. The first problem that the article mentions is that of the Mass surveillance data mining programs. The facts about this issue are that the government has developed a way to weave databases together into on large network. They have also created a program called the total information awareness system, which plugs into these database networks
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think piece 1 - BCOR 4000 Jan. 28th 2008 Think Piece #1 A...

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