3251 Notes Feb 14

3251 Notes Feb 14 - Ways to measure media: Print:...

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Unformatted text preview: Ways to measure media: Print: Circulation, Pass Along Readership TV: Nielsen Ratings Radio: Arbitron Company Circulation is measured by individual publishers. Nielsen and Arbitron are private measuring companies. Audience Data Sources: Nielsen Media Research, Arbitron, SRDS, MRI, SMRB, Nielse/NetRatings, ComScore Media Metrix Nielsen is a global conglomerate of measuring media and has a monopoly in the United States. RADAR: company that did national radio ratings. SRDS: Compiles media rates and information. MRI: SMRB: Nielsen/Net Ratings: Measures website traffic. ComScore Media Matrix: Television Audience Measurement: Television programs are measured in terms of the size of their audience. An estimate of the audience that has viewed a program or has tuned in during a specific time period. Share: a relative measurement that reflects a programs ability to attract viewers when compared to other programs during the same time period. # of viewers/# people watching television in a time period Rating: an absolute measurement that reflects the percentage of all individuals or homes in a particular...
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3251 Notes Feb 14 - Ways to measure media: Print:...

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