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Qualitative Data analysis vs Quantitative Data Analysis Few Externally objective analysis technique No Formulas for determining statistical significance No perfect replication of the analysis process Use an inductive model while quantitative data analysis follows a deductive model Analyzing Qualitative Data But, there are guidelines 4 Stages in Data Analysis 1. Activities before data examination: Review the research problem and informational needs, confirmation and final listing of areas in which the analysis will focus, Evaluation of the study sample. 2. Data examination: Examine audio, video tapes, transcripts and notes, The goal is not to determine what the data means but what the data says, review the data with an open mind and with a critical eye and ear, try to understand the reasons underlying attitudes and
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Unformatted text preview: behaviors, try to understand the intensity of respondents feelings or beliefs, try to understand the totality of response, reflection after the initial review- quiet contemplation. 3. Theme identification, evaluation and revision: Theme: concrete tangible point of view that can be used to organize the findings. Theme helps us to see the forest and understand the trends and patterns. Theme development-Data identification-Theme evaluation-revision-development of metathemes 4. Reporting: Use metathemes as the organizing framework, focus on meaning and relationships rather than literal descriptions, use quotes appropriately, do not use numeric descriptions, do not use real names, be complete and enlighten. Analysis of Qualitative Data Exam Thursday...
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