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3251 Notes Feb 26 - Broad Stages in Research 1 Preliminary...

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Broad Stages in Research 1. Preliminary discussions and agreements: It involves; -Problem definition (should be clear, concise, and properly focused.) -Justification for research -specification of informational needs: A problem statement Type of problems: -To determine problems and opportunities -To select and evaluate alternative choices. -To broaden knowledge and understanding about the consumer, product, marketing environment or effects of a campaign. Justification for research: -When should judgement alone be used and when should judgement be supported by research. -A cost value analysis should be conducted Specification of informational needs: -Extremely important step -Those who initiate the request for research should agree with the statement of informational needs before the research is conducted. -Operationalization of concepts is needed. 2. Planning and data collection: It involves; 1. Identifying the appropriate type of research and specific research methosds. 2. Preparing research instruments and pretest 3. Sampling Decisions 4. Research budget and timing. * 5. Field Work 6. Preparing the data for analysis.
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  • non probability sampling, probability sampling, procedures Probability Sampling, -Determine sampling method

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