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Project Info - Walter Pat(john3009)Shorts tube socks aviators camo vest Props bowling ball bowling shoes bowling shirts bowling pins(if possible

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John: Director: Travis: Audio: brob0046, 6512103742 Carolyn: Technical: fuchs055, 320-250-1620 Blair: Floor: curle019, 612-998-4947 Annie: Assistant: snide034, 952-406-0827 Lighting Director: Joint Team Donny: Casey. (cayko001) Tight shirt, khaki pants, bowling shoes Dude: Jon. (ninma003) Bath robe, tennis shoes, gym shorts, bowling shoes, no socks (KEY)
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Unformatted text preview: Walter: Pat. (john3009)Shorts, tube socks, aviators, camo vest Props: bowling ball, bowling shoes, bowling shirts, bowling pins (if possible), beer, scorecards, stogies, beer signs, balloons Soundbytes: Bowling pins, ambient noise, fart Lighting: flat lighting Camera Moves:...
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