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Introduction to Strategic Communication Research “The marketing ideals of understanding the consumer and the reality of how market research is practiced rarely match up in today’s world. But when they do, the result is usually a big breakthrough.” Changes in our business: It’s tougher than ever. There are much fewer breakthroughs and selling a particular product becomes very difficult. Globalization has also attributed to this increased difficulty Changing markets, changing media and changing consumers. Clients in all kinds of industry. Promotion is increased. Promotion focuses on short term while advertising and pr focuses on long term and short term. Trend toward increasing promotions Downward pressure on agencies “What we (thought we) knew about how strategic communications works” has changed
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Unformatted text preview: What do we mean by effective ad/pr? Strategic communication is partly a scientific and partly an artistic activity. Demonstrably effective work is still the exception and not the rule What is strategic comm. Research? Systematic and objective process of generating information for aid in making decisions in strategic communication. Keywords: Systematic, objective, helpful Why we conduct research? Research is an essential tool in all areas of mass communication. To understand the market and gain insights about consumers. . So that we can develop a better campaign To understand how communication works. So that we can make better decisions about what to say How research is used?...
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