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3251 Notes Feb 21 - Data can be generalized to the...

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Research in advertising: Copy testing to develop effective ads.: Cognitive: attention, exposure, awareness Affective: attitude, involvement Conative: Purchase intention, behavior Media research Campaign assessment research Pretest/posttest studies Tracking studies Research in PR: According to Ryan and Martinson (1990), most commonly used research methods in PR are -Focus groups (61%) -Mail Survey (60%) -Telephone survey (57%) Personal interviews (55%) Example of a communication audit. 1. Interview top management to pinpoint communication problems. 2. Content analyze a sample of all the organization’s relevant publications. 3. Conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews with employees. Use this information to develop a survey questionnaire 4. Conduct a survey Quantitative research: determines quantity or extent of an outcome in numbers.
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Uses mathematical analysis. If planned and conducted properly, data can be generalized to the population. Advantages: quantitative research provides the best means for understanding populations.
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Unformatted text preview: Data can be generalized to the population. A statistical test is possible Disadvantages: can be more costly than qualitative research. Can take longer time to conduct Cannot provide in-depth information. Types of Quantitative research: Survey research Experimental research Survey Research: Systematic gathering fo information from a sample of individuals Various Survey Methods-personal interview-Telephone interview-Mail survey-Computer interview Experimental research Researchers manipulate the independent variable and then observe the responses of subjects on the dependent variable Types of experiement: Laboratory experiments, field experiements Problems in Quantitative Research Sample: Its often selected incorrectly or is not large enough because having a “large enough” sample is very expensive. Data tends to be skewed because of this. Sample Frame: Causality: The Questions:...
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3251 Notes Feb 21 - Data can be generalized to the...

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