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3251 Notes Apr 10 - At least 2 groups per location...

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Procedure for focus groups 1. Preparing for focus groups a. Determine group characteristics b. Determine number of required groups 2. Selecting facility: There are multiple research firms that offer “Focus Group Rooms” , resemble someone’s living room. Offers beverages and other comforts. At the entrance of the room there is a waiting room. There is also a preparation room, to review the candidates and to set up the payment. There is also a two way mirror. You can either use this room or hire someone to do the entire thing. 3. Recruiting sample 4. Selecting a moderator 5. Developing a discussion guide 6. Conducting groups 7. Analyzing the data Preparing for focus groups Determine group characteristics Demographic and predispositional Determine number of required groups: Size of groups- rule of thumb is 6-10, experience suggests 5-8 is best Number of groups- rule of thumb is 3-5, looking for redundancy
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Unformatted text preview: At least 2 groups per location Recruiting Sample Telephone screening, snowball, incentives Selecting a moderator Personality characteristics Demographic characteristics Cost estimate Developing a discussion guide Typically drafted by the moderator Procedure for Focus Groups Conduct Focus Groups 1. Prefatory remarks 2. Introductions and personal information 3. Setting the context for discussion 4. Main Discussion 5. Summary of Discussion 6. Additional Questions Data Analysis 1. Review Session 2. Listen to and transcribe tapes 3. Systematic analysis of transcripts. Procedure for in-depth interviews 1. Setting a location 2. Creating an interview guideline (interview schedule) 3. Conducting an interview 4. Writing down initial impression after each interview 5. Analyze data...
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3251 Notes Apr 10 - At least 2 groups per location...

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