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3241 Notes Mar 24

3241 Notes Mar 24 - Any three different ads If an ad is 60...

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Radio: visual medium. The “theatre of the mind”. Doesn’t always have to be funny. Needs to have an idea! Try to create ads that can be described in one sentence, the main idea of the campaign. Ex: Real men of Genius Campaign: Bud Light Raises a glass to unsung American heroes. Radio ads: 60 seconds (usually). Need 5 seconds to make the radio ad interesting. Campaigns: 3 spots makes a campaign. This goes for ANY medium. Also can mix and match mediums.
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Unformatted text preview: Any three different ads. If an ad is 60 seconds we need to include time for inserting visual cues. See and say is a bad thing. Avoid dangerous noises (ex: sirens, yelling, whistling, anything shocking). Always read the radio script out loud, insert your sound fx. Read copy out loud always. Also wanna get a stop watch. Need to make sure you have enough time for the sound fx. Can’t use brand name or copy written things....
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