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1/23 5 C’s: Category, Culture, Content, Consumer, Core Conflict Category is what category you are competing in eyes of consumer Culture and trends impact from a lot of places. If paris Hilton started to look healthier because she was eating apples, our share would increase because of the paris Hilton fans increase in apple consumption. Content is strength and weakness Consumer is mindset of target consumer Core conflict is the tension the consumer is experiencing in the decision making process. 90% of conflict is between the consumer and something else. Core of Idea is what idea you are trying to get across that your consumer is thinking of.
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Unformatted text preview: Creative Brief: Why are we advertising? Means what you are trying to accomplish with ad What is trying to get consumer to do? What actions are you trying to get the consumer to do? Who are we talking to? Simple, short description What do we know about them that will help us? What is the core conflict that this brand is tapping into What is the main idea that we’re trying to express? How will the conflict be resolved? Why should people believe us? Support your story, nothing else [email protected] , email letter and 5 p’s for science museum brief....
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