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3241 Notes Feb 4 - CD Creative Director Can be a copywriter...

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Brainstorm: Thinking of a topic then branching off anything that may be related to that topic. Idea phase from the evaluation phase. When we first start to brainstorm we brainstorm ideas. AE: Account Executive: The person who is the liaison between the client and the agency. Talks to the client. Needs to be a strong partner with the agency and communicates. 80’s MBA’s were hired as account executive. Agencies hire people who have an ability to think broadly not specifically MBA’s. Need to be organized. AD: Art Director: Does not need to be artistic. Need to know how to express an idea of what the ad will be, can be very basic. CW: Copywriter: teams with the art director.
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Unformatted text preview: CD: Creative Director: Can be a copywriter or Art Director. Need to be able to understand everything the account executive understands. Everyone must know how to write a memo/letter. Use spell check. Revise. You can lose business on typos. AP: Account Planner: Must be curious and unafraid to find out why people do things. Must be a great observer. Used to be known as researcher. Takes broad surveys and crunches the numbers back together. Media Planner: Need to be tuned into media forms. Need to see/notice/understand what’s hip, who’s doing what?, where are the opportunities? Category: Culture: Consumer: Content: Core Conflict:...
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