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3241 Notes Jan 30 - 3 words Simple=Good If it smells like...

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Unique Selling Position: A benefit not currently offered by the competition. Positioning: planting your stake in the marketplace. Consumer Insight: Emotional connection with the target consumer. One person Ad Strategy: What you are going to do to meet your goal. Brand Equity: The baggage of the brand in the consumer’s head. Both good and bad. In each individual consumer’s head. Brand: Everything that’s out there. The complete history of the brand. Brand Core Value: Something that the brand stands for. Very simply is Brand=Adjective. Relevance: Finding something that is interesting to your audience. Resonance: Make a real connection with the consumer. Connecting the external message with internal values and feelings. # of words we can use in a billboard:
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Unformatted text preview: 3 words. Simple=Good. If it smells like an ad it stinks like an ad. No one wants to be advertised to. Brand Promise: What we strive for in our brands. What you’re getting from a brand. Power of the idea: Magic is in the product but we need to tell the truth. Truth: only becomes truth when someone believes you. Persuasion: Understanding what is important to your consumer. Brand Insight: VW is good in snow. + Consumer Insight: Unique. Understand the consumer point of view about the peace core? What do people who joined the peace core think about it? 10 bullet points from college seniors. Emotionally and rationally what do people think about the peace core. Students that you’ve talked to about their point of view on the peace core....
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