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3241 Notes Mar 5 - This is individualization Having clean...

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Laddering Schematic due Monday. First wrung on the ladder of laddering is attributes. It is a tangible characteristic. It is what the product is. Example: tangible characteristic of Joy; it has grease cutting ingredients. Second wrung on the ladder is benefit. A lot of advertising stops at this wrung. These ads don’t appeal to one desire, want or need but appeals to masses rather than individuals. What the product does for the consumer. Example: joy will give you really clean dishes. Third wrung on the ladder is value. What the customer ultimately wants or needs from the product. The internal need that the value completes for the consumer. Example: The customer wants to feel they are a great homemaker.
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Unformatted text preview: This is individualization. Having clean dishes helps acquire that. Email what you think you will be working on for the brief presentation. Finding Truth: we know from Bill Burnback from VW that the magic is in the product. This helps emotionally connect product attributes with benefits. Mike Miller studied Bittie Mulligans. So he decided to study the ethnography of Bittie Mulligans. When mike went in and watched the patrons, he realized that the bar revolved around entertainment but also found that the sound system wasn’t very good. Also, when he ordered beer he realized that the beer wasn’t very cold....
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