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SQ1 - over much better with the other countries that are...

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PSCI 2223 Sec. 106 Substantive Questions 3 substantive questions you have about the readings or ideas you got from them - When going over the theories concerning realism and liberalism I felt like a blend of the two was more appropriated. I think that liberalism is generally more used because of its moral connotation. Liberalism makes a country look good on the outside and they says that they respect societal norms and anti war policy yet I think most countries have a realism internal stance. Country’s like the US will denounce war but not hesitate to jump into a war or mediate some one else’s. Countries that we deem as oppressed are the same as ours they just have not realized that a liberalist face will go
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Unformatted text preview: over much better with the other countries that are watching them. The more modern countries have realized this and are able to get away with a realism policy because of the liberalism face. -What is the best way to study international relations? Do we need to use all four elements combined and interpret or does one element out of the four; history, philosophy, behavioralism and alternative, stand out as a more lucrative way to answer these?-Which theory about modern international relations is more prominent today, Constructivism or Postmodernism? Why is Radical theory almost ignored in comparison to the other theories of International Relations?...
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