test 3 review

test 3 review - Antiplatlents Aspirin (asthma higher...

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Antiplatlents Anticoagulants Thrombolytics Aspirin Heparin Streptokinase (asthma higher aspirin allergy) Enoxaparin Alteplase Clopidogril (plavix) Warfarin Tenecteplase Abciximab Warfarin Heparin Inhibits symthsis of VitK clotting factors Antithrombine (thrombine and factor 10a) Oral IV, SubQ Cat X ok in pregnancy Vitamin K reverses prodimine PT+INR APTT Thrombocytopenia (platelet drop) Heparin Enoxaparin Inhibit thrombine and factor 10a inhibit factor 10a only Uses: MI, AFib,PE,DVT Warfarin Pt. Stable VitK diet, easy bruising, bleeding gums, moniter, soft toothbrush, shaving Thrombo – MI, DVT, Stroke SE: Streptokinase – allergies(1 use), Htn,Fever Palsmidigin to plasmin which breaks up the clot MI – admit - Morphine, Asparin, Nitros, beta blockers, O 2 Home – beta blocker (if cant, calcium channel blocker), Asparin, Plavix, Nitro, ACE inhibitor,
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DM – regular insulin (IV or SubQ) Lantus (SubQ) longacting Lispro, aspart , regular, blue – fastest NPH, intermediate Hypoglycemia – look drunk, tach,
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course PHA 321 taught by Professor Seefeldt during the Spring '08 term at SD State.

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test 3 review - Antiplatlents Aspirin (asthma higher...

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