chapter 2 adol. psych

chapter 2 adol. psych - Changes in Cognition(Thinking Main...

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Changes in Cognition (Thinking) Main advantages over child’s thought (1) Thinking of possibilities (2) Thinking about abstracts (3) Thinking about the process of thinking (4) Thinking in multidimensional terms (5) Seeing knowledge as relative Thinking about Possibilities Example: Ways in which their lives might be affected by different career choices Moves easily between the specific and the abstract to generate alternative possibilities Development of deductive reasoning” “If-then” thinking Major intellectual accomplishment Thinking about Abstract Concepts Ability to comprehend higher-order abstract logic inherent in puns, proverbs, metaphors, and analogies The growth of social thinking (social cognition) during adolescence is directly related to the young person’s improving ability to think abstractly Metacognition: Thinking about Thinking Monitoring one’s own cognitive activity during the process of thinking Increased introspection thinking about our own emotions Increased self-consciousness Thinking about others thinking of us Increased intellectualization Thinking about our own thoughts Metacognition may result in problems Adolescent egocentrism Extreme self-absorptions
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imaginary audience Behavior is the focus of other’s concern personal fable Experiences are unique Thinking in Multiple Dimensions See things in complicated ways rather than one aspect at a time More sophisticated understanding of probability Ability to understand when someone is being sarcastic Can understand double-entendres Adolescent Relativism Ability to see things as relative rather than as absolute Skepticism becomes common Everything may seem uncertain No knowledge seems completely reliable Piagetian View of Adolescent Thinking FORMAL OPERATIONS 11 + YEARS CONCRETE OPERATONAL 6 TO 11 YEARS PREOPERATIONAL 2 TO 6 YEARS SENSORIMOTOR STAGE
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chapter 2 adol. psych - Changes in Cognition(Thinking Main...

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