career paper - Career Paper Nursing Part I Nursing is the...

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Career Paper Nursing
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Part I Nursing is the career I chose. It’s a very interesting career. It involves lots of people skills, especially the genuine want to help someone. Nurses work to prevent illness. They also promote good health. Nurses perform many basic duties. They treat patients and educate the patient and/or the families about the medical conditions and treatment options. Often they are asked for advice and they are good emotional support to the patient if they are alone, and the family members if they are there also. Nurses also keep a record of patients’ medical histories and symptoms. Nurses help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results. They operate medical machinery which can be a very important part of treatment. They make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible. They often do simple things such as assist a patient to the restroom. A very important part of the job consists of administering medication and other types of treatment. In addition to all of those things Nurses help with patient follow-up and rehabilitation. Nurses make from about $44,000 a year to $70,000. More the higher up you are, such as a Nurses Supervisor at a major hospital. Helpful qualities to have as a nurse are; a strong desire to help others, a caring and sympathetic nature, an ability to work with people, an ability to accept responsibility, good judgment, emotional stability, an ability to follow orders precisely, an ability to know when a consultation is needed, initiative, an ability to work well under pressure, and an ability to think and act quickly. (Fredrickson)
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career paper - Career Paper Nursing Part I Nursing is the...

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