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Deaf Technology The Deaf community is greatly assisted with many different forms of technology. It would be very hard for the Deaf to do simple things such as watch TV, wake up in the morning, talk on the phone, be woken by a crying baby, hear the door bell, etc. without the wonderful world of technology. One of the ways the Deaf are assisted by technology is by using a TTY to hold a conversation very similar to that of one a hearing person would have on a telephone. TTY is short for teletypewriter. A TTY has a small keyboard where the person may type, the message they type shows up on a screen for another person to relay to a hearing person on the phone. The person who is hearing then speaks back to the relay man or woman and they type what is spoken, and it continues back and forth.
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Unformatted text preview: To help the Deaf understand what they watch on TV, there are captions. To be able to receive the captions on screen they must have a decoder attached to their TV. Captions are very similar to subtitles; they appear along the bottom of the screen. The captions are what is being spoken, and also noises that occur off-screen, such as music or applause. Another piece of technology that comes in handy for the Deaf is an alarm clock. Not just any alarm clock, but a special alarm clock that activates a bed vibrator, or flashing lights to alert the sleeping person. Technology is very important to the Deaf community it helps them do many everyday things, that the hearing take for granted. Smith, Cheri, Ella Mae Lentz, and Ken Mikos. Signing Naturally . San Diego: DawnSignPress, 1993....
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