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Hindu Serivce Report Two

Hindu Serivce Report Two - Trista McKee Dec 3 2007...

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Trista McKee Dec. 3, 2007 Religious Report #2 Hinduism On Sunday December 2, 2007, I walked with my roommate, Manny, down to Deerfield Street to attend a Hindu service. The anxiety about attending the service started from the phone call to the temple the night before. We could not decide what to wear, did not know what to do once we got there, and we were almost convinced we would get lost. However, after only one small slipup, we our worrying melted away, and everything turned out to be quite a comfortable experience. We must have been extremely excited to get there because Manny and I left our dorm at 9:45am when the service started at 11am. We also walked exceedingly fast because of the cold weather, but once we realized how close we were we stopped in at a small coffee shop to kill some time. At about ten thirty we decided we should approach the temple. There we stood staring at a large door, about four or five feet wide. Finally, one of us rang the doorbell; we did not want to seem rude and just barge in. A man opened the door for us and walked away. Directly across from the door was a grand staircase and on either side of the staircase there were two large rooms. Immediately we saw a coat rack with shoes surrounding it so we decided it would be a good idea to take off our shoes and sweatshirts. First step was out of the way, but my Manny and I seem to be a little shy when in new environments, and we had no idea where to go or what to do next.
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