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Pig Digestion and Skeleton Quiz

Pig Digestion and Skeleton Quiz - Yes No 9 Toward the...

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Pig Digestion and Skeleton Quiz Student Number: (no dashes) 1. Which phylum of Gymnosperms produce flagellated sperm similar to mosses and ferns? Ginkgophyta Coniferophyta Gnetophyta Cycadophyta The 1st and 4th answer, but not the 2nd and 3rd. 2. Christmas trees and other pine trees belong in which group within Plantae? Bryophyta Lycophyta Gymnosperms Angiosperms 3. The nictitating membrane surrounds the umbilical cord. is a layer of flattened cells. is a third eyelid. is a membrane in the nostril. 4. Carnivorous plants are found in which group of Plantae? Angiosperms Gymnosperms Mosses Ferns 5. The midline is an imaginary line that divides the pig longitudinally diagonally horizontally crosswise 6. If there are two openings present under your pig's tail, it is a male. female. cannot be determined from this information 7. Secretions from the pancreas and the liver enter the stomach large intestine
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gall bladder small intestine 8. Are pollination and fertilization the same thing in a plant?
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Unformatted text preview: Yes No 9. Toward the spinal column,and toward the belly is the same as saying dorsal, ventral posterior, ventral anterior, ventral anterior, posterior 10. What provides immunity to the fetal pig against a variety of diseases? the thymus gland the thyroid gland the parotid gland the submaxillary gland 11. The allantoic stalk is responsible for fetal growth. removal of waste. providing blood flow. providing essential vitamins. 12. What prevents food from moving into the trachea when one swallows? tongue glottis epiglottis uvula 13. Which of the following words indicates toward the head? posterior anterior dorsal ventral 14. There are two umbilical arteries in the umbilical cord. How many umbilical veins are there? none one two 15. Endosperm is a source of nutrition for what? a germinating seed a spore a pine cone an insect...
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Pig Digestion and Skeleton Quiz - Yes No 9 Toward the...

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