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newsucanuse - ease these tensions half of Mercosur may side...

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MKTG 4400 News you can use Politics & Economics: Bush Poised to Counter Chavez; Trip to Latin America Could Find U.S. President on Defensive” President Bush will be going on a tour of “friendly” Latin and South American countries soon. He is expected to only visit these “friendly” countries because they have not fallen in line with the Venezuelan leader, President Chavez. Those countries sided with Chavez, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, and Nicaragua; maintain the belief that Bush is traveling to South America not to promote democracy but instead to weaken the Common Market (284) in South America known as Mercosur. President Chavez has used his wealth from oil to gain support from neighboring countries. He has been able to convince them of the idea that Bush is trying to break up their market and force the countries to use U.S. based companies that will exploit their markets and drive these countries into further economic hardship. If nothing is done to
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Unformatted text preview: ease these tensions half of Mercosur may side with Chavez and the other with Bush. If theses tensions were to still increase it seems as though the market would form a type of Market Barrier (293), separating the pro Bush from the pro Chavez but still trying to benefit from trade, within itself if not split completely and become two separate market groups. If these market groups were to split the regional tensions would grow and reciprocity (294) would not happen. The two markets would have enough tension between them that one would not be willing to trade with the other and in turn the second market would refuse to trade with the first. To Combat this possible scenario both Bush and Chavez are traveling to friendly countries in what seems to be a race to gather as many allies as each can in order to gain as much influence on the market as either president can....
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