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hobbes paper

hobbes paper - Lynch 1 Rob Lynch Professor Howard...

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Lynch 1 Rob Lynch Professor Howard Perspectives 6 February 2008 Thomas Hobbes Paper Hobbes’ Word Thomas Hobbes utilized the Scriptures and Word of God in his teachings of language and speech. He uses the word of God to compare the authority of God with that of the Sovereign. For Hobbes, people naturally don’t feel an inclination to associate with others. The main reason people congregate is to use each other for resources in order to survive. For Hobbes the best way that people can unite is in a commonwealth headed by a Sovereign. One key fact for this government to flourish is to keep it moderately sized. A commonwealth too big makes it too hard to control and small commonwealths don’t prosper. In the Leviathan, Hobbes sets aside two parts of the book dedicated to discuss the role that religion and God can play in a commonwealth. While Thomas acknowledges the existence of a God, for a commonwealth to continue, the Sovereign’s laws must always be followed even if contradicting the Christian religion. Hobbs believes that Scripture affects those that are God’s followers only in the sense that it is the word of god, directly or indirectly from God himself. Since people are devoted to their God, they recognize and respect the Scriptures. While people cherish the word of God and the Scriptures, they don’t necessarily always view it as something they need to live strictly by, but maybe as a guide. This is exemplified by Hobbes in the quote, “for all the earth is mine” (Hobbes) which is from Scriptures. However, Hobbes further elaborates the previous statement by attempting to describe what it means with the following quote, “ All the nations of the world are mine, but it is
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Lynch 2 not so that you are mine, but in a special manner; for they all are mine by reason of my power, but you shall be mine by your own consent and covenant; which is an addition to his ordinary title, to all nations” (Hobbes). Hobbes acknowledges that people may seem contradicted between what leader to follow, either the previously described God, or their Sovereign. Hobbes says people should always remain dedicated to the commonwealth and respect the Sovereign before God. While the Kingdom of God does mean on earth, it would seem like people living on earth would have two rulers, the Sovereign and God. Hobbes says the Kingdom of God on earth is only after death thus the only true, prominent ruler while people are alive is the Sovereign and then God takes over after death.
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