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review2 - In the first story"Fast Food Clogging the World's...

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In the first story, “Fast Food: Clogging the World’s Arteries,” by John Cordo, I liked the fact that he used the Super Size Me film to state his point. Since the movie is so famous and remarkable, it was a good source to start with. Along with this film, he was still able to use facts from more reputable sources like the National Institutes of Health, CBSNEWS, and Children’s Hospital. Where he did have one typo in his facts, (100 billion Americans (pg. 31)), it makes it seem like some of his other facts may not be quoted correctly too. Nevertheless, I’ll trust his research and I think the two points that most help his argument are the fact that Burger King and other companies recognize that the food is unhealthy and do nothing about it, along with the stat that “healthier” items at these restaurants are worse than the normal items. These two facts sway me the most because it makes it seem as if these corporations have no care for their customers and are actually out to hurt their customers. He did a good job of making me dislike fast food
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