BISC 330L Lab Syllabus

BISC 330L Lab Syllabus - 1 BISC 330L Biochemistry Lab...

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BISC 330L – Biochemistry Lab Syllabus Spring Semester, 2008 Lecturer: Prof. John Petruska Office: RRI (MCB) 119B Tel: (213) 740-5189 e-mail: Prof. Steven Goodman Office: DEN 4108 Tel: (213) 740-3867 e-mail:   Laboratory Manager: Gorjana Bezmalinovic Office: ZHS 353 Tel: (213) 740-6079 e-mail: Lecture Information and Policies:   See separate lecture syllabus provided by Dr. Petruska. Online Course Materials: Supplemental course materials will be posted on the Blackboard website.  Your USC e- mail user name and password allow you access of the secure site: Grading:    Final Grades will be given out of 1000 points total for the course: 700 points from lecture  and 300 points from laboratory.     Required Laboratory Supplies: 1.  BISC 330 Lab manual, available at the book store (required) 2.  Lab Notebook with carbon- or carbon-less duplicate pages (required) 3.  Very fine-point permanent marker (required) 4.  Lab coat or apron (optional)  1
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BISC 330L - Laboratory Schedule Week Week Beginnin Experiments, Exam, or Assignment Due 1 Jan 14 First week of class, no labs 2 Jan 21 Mandatory Lab Orientation and Check-in Note: Students in Monday lab will complete the orientation and check-in in week 3. 3 Jan 28 Lab 1: Spectrophotometric Quantification 4 Feb 4 Lab 2: Measurement of Cholesterol in Biological Samples 5 Feb 11 Lab 3: Affinity Chromatography (Lab Report #1) 6 Feb 18 President’s Day Weekend, no labs 7 Feb 25 Lab 4: β -Galactosidase, Session 1 - Standard Dilutions and (NH4) 2 SO 4 Precipitation (Lab Report #1 Due) 8 Mar 3 Lab 5: β -Galactosidase, Session 2 - DEAE Ion-Exchange Chromatography 9 Mar 10 Lab 6: β -Galactosidase, Session 3 - Michaelis-Menten Enzyme Kinetics
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BISC 330L Lab Syllabus - 1 BISC 330L Biochemistry Lab...

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