Chapter 6 Study Guide

Chapter 6 Study Guide - dy Guide: Chapter 6 Lipids 1. What...

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dy Guide: Chapter 6 Lipids 1. What is the structure of a triglyceride? A triglyceride is a glycerol and 3 fatty acids bonded together by an ester bond.  2. What is the chemical difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids? What are their different effects in foods? Saturated fatty acids contain no carbon-carbon double bonds. Unsaturated fatty acids contain  at least one carbon-carbon double bond.  Saturated fatty acids remain solid at room  temperature while unsaturated are usually liquid at room temp.  3. What is a polyunsaturated fatty acid? contains two or more carbon-carbon double bond,  4. Why do polyunsaturated fats prone to spoilage? What can be done to reduce this spoilage?  (I couldn’t find this in my notes and the book didn’t say anything about  spoilage but I think I remember her saying that because of the many carbon-carbon  double bonds, polyunsaturated fats are more reactive to oxygen and this causes  spoilage.)  In the notes it said that hydrogenating polyunsaturated fats prevents  spoilage. This adds hydrogen to the fats and breaks the carbon-carbon double bonds,  making them more saturated.  6. What are trans fats? What are the health dangers of excessive trans fat intake? How can we minimize our intake of trans fat? Trans fats have hydrogens on the opposite  side of the double bond. These are associated with an increase risk of heart disease.  Food labels now say if they contain trans fats so we can avoid eating these foods. Many 
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Chapter 6 Study Guide - dy Guide: Chapter 6 Lipids 1. What...

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