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HISTORY 240 10/1/07 ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT Nature is endangered Buffalo dying out More pervasive = progressivism – wants balance of preservation ad human use Yosemite – paradox of nature in itself and human use o Roice – Harvard philosopher – said that Yosemite developed as a resort area for human use Sierra club outings in Yosemite In-humanism = Hawk – fierce consciousness, rock = inhuman part Earthquake – 1906 = showed great sense of nature o 110 aftershocks o SF recovers and rebuilds o Bad psychological scars o Scared everyone like hurricane Katrina Preservation is a huge concept o 1890s/early 1900s turn to missions as emblems of our past but also
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Unformatted text preview: because the missions we made of adobe and they were being washed away (they were as fragile as the earth) Rise of agriculture as form of land preservation CA was leading producer of wheat until wisconsin Vineyards of northern and southern CA (land management practices) o Napa extraordinary planted landscape (stabilizes landscape) Apricot orchards Agriculture was not seen as ruining nature Redwoods only survived in California o 300 ft in height (tallest in world) in 19 th century redwoods were decimated...
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