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HISTORY 240 10/1/07 ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT Nature is endangered Buffalo dying out More pervasive = progressivism – wants balance of preservation ad human use Yosemite – paradox of nature in itself and human use o Roice – Harvard philosopher – said that Yosemite developed as a resort area for human use Sierra club outings in Yosemite In-humanism = Hawk – fierce consciousness, rock = inhuman part Earthquake – 1906 = showed great sense of nature o 110 aftershocks o SF recovers and rebuilds o Bad psychological scars o Scared everyone like hurricane Katrina Preservation is a huge concept o 1890s/early 1900s turn to missions as emblems of our past but also
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Unformatted text preview: because the missions we made of adobe and they were being washed away (they were as fragile as the earth) • Rise of agriculture as form of land preservation • CA was leading producer of wheat until wisconsin • Vineyards of northern and southern CA (land management practices) o Napa – extraordinary planted landscape (stabilizes landscape) • Apricot orchards • Agriculture was not seen as ruining nature • Redwoods only survived in California o 300 ft in height (tallest in world) • in 19 th century – redwoods were decimated • • • • •...
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