Exam 2a Sp 08 KEY - ECON 2843 010 Exam 2 Spring 2008 Form A...

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ECON 2843 – 010 Name KEY Exam 2 ID # Spring 2008 Lab Instructor Form A Lab Meeting Time Students must show all work on problems that involve calculation, even if the answer is multiple choice. 1. Draper, Inc. makes particleboard for the building industry. Product specifications call for the weight per sheet to average 10 pounds with a standard deviation of 1.75 pounds. During each shift, employees select and weigh a random sample of 25 boards. The board weights are normally distributed. If the average of the sample slips below 9.61 pounds, an adjustment is made. Assuming that the process is operating correctly according to specifications, what is the probability that a sample will indicate that an adjustment is needed? (10 points) a. .1335 * b. .4129 c. .5871 d. .8665 e. Approximately 0 2. Give a one or two sentence interpretation of the standard error in question 1. (5 points) The standard error of x bar measures the average difference between x bar and the population mean that occurs when repeated random samples are taken. It decreases as the sample size increases. 3. According to the Labor Department, in 2004, 14% of architects and engineers were women. Suppose a random sample of 50 individuals who are either architects or
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Exam 2a Sp 08 KEY - ECON 2843 010 Exam 2 Spring 2008 Form A...

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