Final Exam a Fa 03 - ECON 2843 010 Final Exam Fall 2003...

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ECON 2843 – 010 Name Final Exam ID # Fall 2003 Lab Instructor Form A Students must show all work on calculation problems, even if the answer is multiple choice. Questions 1 through 4 refer to the following. The manager of the KCPA takes a random sample of the ages of those attending the Great Hall series at regular ticket rates, yielding the following: Age Frequency 25 up to 35 4 35 up to 45 8 45 up to 55 12 55 up to 65 1 1. Calculate the mean for the sample. a. 36 b. 44 c. 45 d. 46.33 e. 50 2. Calculate the standard deviation for this sample. a. 3.6 b. 8.165 c. 12 d. 66.67 e. 1,600 3. What is the modal class for this sample? a. 25 up to 35 b. 35 up to 45 c. 45 up to 55 d. 55 up to 65 e. all of the above 4. The manager claims that the average (mean) age for all those attending this series equals 46.6 years. Assuming that the population is distributed normally, test this claim against a two-sided alternative at a 10 % level of significance. 1
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5. You wish to estimate the weekday pedestrian traffic flow that crosses Lindsey Street each noon hour. This distribution is normal with a population standard deviation of 300. If
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Final Exam a Fa 03 - ECON 2843 010 Final Exam Fall 2003...

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