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In response to the phrase, “a person should make sure that their actions never intentionally harm another even to a small degree,” one would have to consider many options before agreeing to such a statement. For me, I would not agree with this readily, considering the fact that certain situations can cause an individual to choose an action that would do the greatest good for the greatest number, which could result in some harm to the minority. For example, if one were to be donating to charity and only had five coats to distribute and there were six people in need, one unfortunate soul would go coatless. The situation imposes some sort of harm to the individual without the coat because there is the possibility of cold weather and the person becoming ill due to the lack of a coat, but the
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Unformatted text preview: person donating the clothing had no more than five coats. The person donating the coats was considering the greatest good for the greatest number, which were the five people he or she had the opportunity to give clothing to. The person with the coats had not planned to harm one individual in need because one cannot always plan to have an insufficient amount of donations. Although there could be the possibility of finding the coatless individual another piece of clothing, I would still not agree with the statement above. I believe that more than half of the actions an individual undertakes will result in some sort of harm to another individual, which would therefore make the statement above nearly impossible to fulfill....
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