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Winter 2008 BIO 1500: Dr. Popadi Study guide Role of homeotic (Hox) genes in evolution of animal body plans WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW? 1) Roles of the following genes: bicoid ; gap genes; pair-rule genes; engrailed . 2) Know one sentence function for each gene or group of genes (eg. pair –rule gene hairy divides embryo into seven regions; or, bicoid established the front end of the embryo). Focus on Fig. 17.14 (pg. 344). 3) Role and expression patterns of Drosophila Hox genes. How do you create a fly with 2 pairs of wings? In detail, know where the lab , Scr , Antp , and Ubx genes are expressed. What would happen if you express a thoracic gene like Antp in the head? Genes at the front end of the complex (such as
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Unformatted text preview: lab or pb ), control development of which body region: head, thorax or abdomen? 4) Comparison between Drosophila and mouse Hox gene complexes. Raven&Johnson (pg. 344-8) KNOW IN DETAIL AND UNDERSTAND : Establishment of anterior-posterior axis (pg. 382-3), focus on understanding Fig. 19-13; Segment identity arises from the action of homeotic (hox) genes (pg. 385-6), ), focus on understanding Fig. 19-17 and 19-18. NOTE: also read through pages 380-1: Insect development ( read for general understanding, no questions from this part- still useful to understand the material about homeotic genes)....
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