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History 101 Study Guide CH - Nationalism and imperialism...

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Nationalism and imperialism Economic causes for imperialism: Manufactured goods had to find a market after the Industrial Revolution . Meanwhile, raw materials needed to be sought. Nationalist explanations: imperialism enhances the size of country, a la feudal mode of thinking: the larger the territory, the higher the status of the country. Nationalism, Social Darwinism, and Racism How connections between nation and race were made. 19 th century nationalism emphasized homogeneity of ethnicity. As nation-states came into being, sometimes the two were conflated. Charles Darwin (1809-82) published respectively that the animal and human worlds evolved from lower to higher stages. Darwinism and Social Darwinism After Darwin, philosophers such as Herbert Spencer in England included society as part of the environment that humans adapted to, and social survival belonged to the "fittest"—those who adapted best. This was initially to address the issue of the urban poor and to block government welfare programs. Nationalism, Social Darwinism and Racism Abroad, Social Darwinism lent support to the superiority of the white race over the non-white natives. Racism was used as justification for imperialism, c.f. Kipling’s "The White Man’s Burden" Discrimination of social/cultural/ethnic groups existed in European history, but systematic discrimination on the grounds of biology more than anything else was very much a 19 th century phenomenon associated with social Darwinism. World War I Entente Powers led- France , Russia , the British Empire later Italy and US defeat Central Powers - Austro-Hungarian , German , and Ottoman Empires o Great powers were sucked into war by their very alliances Caused in part by nationalistic imperialism and the arms race where unlimited competition in expanding economies and supremacy caused conflict Precipitated: Balkan Crisis (Austria Hungary Ferdinand Assassinated by what thought to be Serbian Involvement: German Blank Check to Austria Hungary, Russia Backs Serbia…Alliances sucked in) Armies Mobilize
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War greeted with outbursts of nationalistic joy…parades. ..Flag raising. ..every country thought they would win the war and were eager to show nationalistic supremacy Young men marching off to war would be happily home by Christmas-experience of lifetime Nationalism unified Germany by blood and iron and France wanted revenge after defeat in the Franco Prussian war
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History 101 Study Guide CH - Nationalism and imperialism...

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