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Kevin Park MSCO292.02 Furtney The Next World of Advertising I like being creative; the presence of creativity in one’s life makes it unique – one can say that everyone’s life becomes a work of art with just a miniscule amount of originality. That’s why I chose to become an advertising major here at Pepperdine University; my witty ideas sourcing from my inventive mind often won the praises of others around me. From informative impromptu deliveries in my Speech and Debate club in Lynbrook High School to my unique and swift charcoal sketches in my decade- long art/drawing background, I rarely disappointed anyone. Since entering a university with a goal in mind is the acknowledgement of the upcoming future in one’s life, I decided to major in advertising so that I may once again put my sense of creativity up to the test to impress not only the spectators around me, but to capture the audience known as the world. However, after reading the book The Future of Advertising , by Joe Cappo, my high hopes of reality have shriveled. The world is changing, and so is the worldwide society of advertising; however, change is rarely beneficial if the target is not prepared for it – the usage of advertising is no different. More importantly, I am not ready for the constant and dramatic change of advertising. If I were to enter the society of advertising as I am right now, I would fail miserably because of my lack of keenness. Cappo begins to inform the reader by presenting the past that brought us up to the status quo; the advertising world is currently run with “the Big Four” in the lead Park 1
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compared to others. “The Big Four” refers to WPP Group, Interpublic Group of Companies, Omnicom Group, and Publicis Groupe SA. Although these four companies are known as the major leaders of the advertising organizations that often overcome the projects conceived by other minor organizations, Cappo adds that “there may be oligopolies in advertising, but nobody has a monopoly on creativity or innovative strategy,” suggesting that even the underdog organization can swiftly climb to the top with a witty project or a clever strategy. Cappo then introduces the old method used to award the advertising agencies; a simple fifteen percent of the client’s expenditure on media. As this system became flawed, the advertising world then conceived of a commission system that awarded their agencies based on the successfulness of the project. Also, the method of integrated marketing was introduced, which was shunned by the traditional advertisers as “below the belt.” Next, the common type of advertising is introduced; the world has gone from full- service to agencies to the direct marketing, which produced large sums of money. Tools used for this great goal of direct-marketing by a agency included coupon ads sent via mail and telemarketing via telephone; although coupon ads were often favored by the common American, telemarketing had a negative effect in the average Joe Smith’s
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Kevin Park - Park 1 Kevin Park MSCO292.02 Furtney The Next...

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