AGLE 3303 - Exam 2 Answers

AGLE 3303 - Exam 2 Answers - 1 AGLE 3303 – Fall 2007 –...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 AGLE 3303 – Fall 2007 – 2 nd Hourly Exam NAME___________________________ 100 pts. MULTIPLE CHOICE (2 pts. each) 1. The Least Preferred Co-Worker Scale is a personality-like measurement tool designed to measure an individual’s motivation for_____________________: a. Style and Substance b. Trait and Behavior c. Task and Relationship d. Skill and Aptitude e. Power and Growth 2. Transformational leadership theory includes Kouzes and Posner’s five practices that enable leaders to get extraordinary things accomplished include all of these except : a) Inspire a shared vision b) Support contingent reward c) Challenge the process d) Model the way e) Encourage the heart 3. Research shows that we are more apt to persevere, work harder, and produce higher quality work with: a) extrinsic motivation b) intrinsic motivation c) tangible rewards d) a task oriented leader e) a relationship oriented leader 4. Transformational leadership a) Creates a connection between leaders and followers. b) Increases the motivation and morality of followers. c) Helps followers reach their full potential. d) All of the above. e) None of the above. 5. Which answer best describes the elements of a model of transformational leadership? a) Idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration b) Laissez-faire, contingent reward, management-by-exception, corrective transactions c) Supporting, controlling, delegating, directing d) Forming, storming, norming, performing e) Motivating, planning, controlling, organizing 6. According to Maslow, a police officer patrolling campus probably satisfies what need group for you? a) esteem needs b) safety needs c) belongingness needs d) survival needs e) need for self-actualization 7. Providing rewards for a desirable behavior may cause: a)intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to increase b)extrinsic and extrinsic motivation to decrease c)a decrease in intrinsic motivation and increase in extrinsic motivation d)an increase in intrinsic motivation and an decrease in extrinsic motivation 8. Teachers who follow Maslow might be cautioned not to use fear as a motivator because it forces students to deal with: a) esteem needs b) belongingness needs c) unexplained needs d) safety needs e) need for self-actualization 2 9. The Least Preferred Co-Worker Scale is supposed to work because in completing the LPC, those who are very task oriented will see their least preferred co-worker more negative because they get in the way of: a) the task b) building relationship c) developing member relations d) delegation 10. Employers, managers, leaders, etc. who frame cute pictures with inspiring messages and post them in break rooms probably believe they are: a. developing loyalty b. humoring their followers c. motivating others d. decorating the break room 11. A criticism of transformational leadership is that: a) there is potential for abuse b) it is not widely researched c) it stresses process over behavior d) places strong emphasis on values and morals...
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AGLE 3303 - Exam 2 Answers - 1 AGLE 3303 – Fall 2007 –...

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