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Adjectives adjetivos Adjective – a word that describes a noun or distinguishes it from a group of other nouns. In English an adjective comes before the word it is describing and has one form. Ex: the red car the red cars Before car it has the same form even though there are more cars In Spanish, an adjective comes after the noun and must agree with it in number and gender. So each adjective that ends in an “o” has four forms: masculine, feminine, singular and plural. Adjectives that end in an “e” or a consonant have two forms: singular and plural. Use these charts to help: Adj. that end in “O” have four forms. Let’s look at the word for “tall” Singular Plural Masculine Alt o Alt os Feminine Alt a Alt as Examples: The tall boy = el muchach o alt o The tall girl = la muchach a alt a The tall boys = los muchach os alt os The tall girls = las muchach as alt as Notice that the article, noun, and adjective must match in gender and number.
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